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代表取締役社長 泉 卓哉
代表取締役社長 泉 卓哉 

Message from the President

Thank you for visiting the website of SOMPO Commercial Line Claims Support Inc. We are affiliated with the SOMPO Holdings Group and engage in damage/loss investigations, administrative processing, etc., in Japan and overseas as an insurance claims settlement provider for the Group.

In the event that one of our customers suffers damage/loss due to an accident, we promptly handle any insurance claim through accurate administrative processing and on-site damage/loss investigations taking advantage of our high-level investigative ability in order to support the stabilization of business or fire mutual aid activities. In the fields of ocean marine cargo, inland marine, commercial property insurance and fire mutual aid programs, etc., we make every effort to realize appropriate and prompt settlement of insurance claims in cooperation with the SOMPO Group companies. In the fields of hull insurance and onshore construction equipment and machinery, etc., our staff offers technical expertise and extensive experience in damage/loss investigations and supports the stabilization and continuation of your lines of business.

Due to the advancement and diversification of business activities as well as the increasing complexity of risks, there is a corresponding increasing demand for more accurate responses to accident investigations supported by experience and professionalism. We believe that it is our important role to continue to serve as your best service provider contributing to the stabilization of your lines of business. We will continue to make further efforts to enhance our services.

President Takuya Izumi
Sompo Commercial Line Claims Support Inc.
President Takuya Izumi,Sompo Commercial Line Claims Support Inc.